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Breakout Sessions

Thursday, October 17


11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

You Asked, We Listened! Learn and Train On-demand and Around Your Schedule!

Gone are the days of waiting for preset on-site training. Join members of our Customer Education team to learn about our new on-demand video tutorials available completely on-demand and at your leisure and virtual expert training sessions offered multiple times each week.

Tom Chapin & Ben Philpott, Customer Education Team, Scientific Learning

Better Gains from Day One

Creating a Fast ForWord lab is where teacher dedication to the process shines brightest! Intervening directly with struggling students with specific Fast ForWord Language/Literacy series exercises is worth the effort for both the student and the coach. In this session, you will:​

  1. Learn how to get better results from day 1.

  2. Learn which strategies have been most effective (I’ll help you save time by zeroing in on the interventions that work best).

  3. Make more gains in a shorter amount of time (fewer flags means less intervention time!). 

Lisa Wilson, St. Mary Parish Schools, LA​

Effects of Stress and Poverty on Learning & Trauma Informed Care: Helping Students When Other Interventions Have Failed

Stress, poverty and adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) affect emotional development, regulatory control and learning. Stress and ACEs have ongoing repercussions because they affect school attendance, sleep patterns, emotional regulation and ability to focus on academic tasks. While the current emphasis on Social Emotional Learning is useful and offers a respite from the storm, achievement still may suffer when students’ cognitive and language skills have been significantly impacted. This session will review the new research on effects of stress, poverty, ACEs and sleep deprivation on school attendance and achievement as well as show how Fast ForWord can supplement SEL initiatives.

Dr. Martha S. Burns, Adjunct Associate Professor, Northwestern University

and Director of Neuroscience Education, Scientific Learning

1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

Targeted Interventions for Students with Learning Differences

Always a popular presenter, Shannon will share targeted interventions for students with disabilities and focus on how to differentiate interventions based on student need. How do you alter interventions for students with autism, socio-emotional challenges, intellectual disabilities and other health impairments? She has strategies for both Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant on how to engage and motivate students of all kinds. She also is an expert at how to document progress and measure growth. Come learn from one of the best Fast ForWord educators! 

Shannon Gilfeather, Spokane, WA

Using Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant Plus Together
You have both pieces of the program to create a whole solution for struggling students- need a little help figuring out how they fit together? This session will explore the different ways to use both Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant, both separately and together, to find the best fit for your students. Participants will learn how to tailor use of both programs for maximum benefit.

Andrea Culver, Customer Success Manager, Scientific Learning

Secrets of a Telehealth Provider
Is it difficult to get clients to attend sessions at your clinic often enough? Would you like to find out which platform works best for telehealth sessions? What adjustments will you have to make to your business model in order to offer telehealth services? Anna Krueger will tell the story of her transition from clinic-based services to online services. She is a speech language pathologist who will share some of the secrets that have helped her build a successful online business. 

Anna Krueger, MSc, S-LP(C) Neuroplan

2:45 PM - 3:45 PM

Diving into Reports - Beginner

So many reports, so little time! Let us help you identify the key MySciLEARN reports you should use to determine when a student needs help -- and when they don’t. Join us to learn the most important reports for each product. This is one of our most requested and popular sessions! 

Tom Chapin, Customer Education Manager, Scientific Learning

Rock Your Resources!

Did you know that the Toolbox has a huge supply of complimentary learning resources, available to you 24/7? We’ll review user guides, student aids, instructional videos, and educational training materials. Have you had trouble trying to accomplish a certain task in Fast ForWord? Don’t know the next step? There is a great chance what you’re looking for is laid out step-by-step in our extensive catalog of documentation located on our Help website! Learn how to find documentation and polish your Fast ForWord skills with complimentary materials provided on the Toolbox and Help site. Learn to rock your resources so that you can master Fast ForWord! 
Joel Solis and Lindsay Mitchell, Customer Success Managers, Scientific Learning


What's New in Neuroscience? Dyslexia Research & Remediation

Learn how the brain processes the written word and the language processes in the brain underlying reading. Dr. Burns will also discuss how reading changes the brain, the neurological characteristics of individuals with dyslexia and how Fast ForWord can help. 

Dr. Martha S. Burns, Adjunct Associate Professor, Northwestern University

and Director of Neuroscience Education, Scientific Learning

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Tips for Student Achievement with Fast ForWord

Joel has many years of experience working with the Scientific Learning products, and has learned great strategies for helping students complete the products successfully. In this session, he will share tips and tricks that will help your students get on track and keep going. 

Joel Solis, Customer Success Manager, Scientific Learning

Deep Diving into Reports - Advanced 
OK, you've got the report basics down and now are ready to do some deep diving. Join Tom to find out what specifics to look for in reports to help students get the most our of their exercises. Another most requested and popular sessions!

Tom Chapin, Customer Education Manager, Scientific Learning

Building A Better Fast ForWord

Learn how customer needs are incorporated into our process of data-driven improvement as we discuss recent and planned product enhancements.

Wendy Mathieu, Vice President of Product Management and Logan De Ley, Senior Product Manager, Scientific Learning

Friday, October 18

10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Successful Strategies for Secondary Students

Members of the Scientific Learning Customer Success team will share strategies used in successful middle and high school implementations. 

Joel Solis, Lindsay Mitchell, and Christina Ballesteros, Customer Success Managers, Scientific Learning

How to Achieve and Maintain Implementation Fidelity 
Implementation fidelity is the key to success for any program. Because Fast ForWord K-12 literally is changing the way the brain captures and retains information, fidelity to protocol is even more important. This session will cover the basics of our Best Practices, including an in-depth review of CAPs, creative solutions to finding time for implementation, and the importance of intervention and motivation. 

Andrea Culver, Customer Success Manager, Scientific Learning

Motivation Matters!

Motivation Matters and it starts with you! 
Owners, staff members, parents and clients all need inspiration. Fast ForWord is challenging and can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Discover tips and strategies to motivate your team and parents. Learn techniques on motivating clients to stay on task and run a successful program. Maintaining motivation is key to a successful Fast ForWord experience.   

Liza Herrera, Wings Speech and Language Center

12:30 PM - 1:30 PM

Overcoming Implementation Challenges

Teacher buy-in, student engagement, scheduling problems, large or decentralized district decision-making-- join members of our Customer Success team to hear how Fast ForWord customers are overcoming these common implementation obstacles.

Christina Ballesteros, Customer Success Manager & Ben Philpott, Customer Success Specialist, Scientific Learning

Taking Care of YOUR Brain
Given our longer life spans, the fact that Boomers are staying in the workplace longer, and the current reality of a complex changing environment that places more lifelong cognitive demands on our brains than ever before, it’s important that we pay attention to our own brain health just as we do our heart health. In this session, we are going to have a little fun. We'll test our brain knowledge and hopefully shed some light on how we can be our own brain fitness coach.

Tracy McShan, Vice President of Customer Success, Scientific Learning

Mastering the Initial Parent Conversation—How to Get Parents to Choose You!
How can you be of service to your prospective parent, initiate a family-centered approach to intervention, and Wow them into choosing you and Fast ForWord? This presentation will introduce a new way of looking at your Initial Parent Conversation through a three-step system, including six key questions to ask your parent. You will build the Know-Like-Trust Factor while focusing on the results Fast ForWord will bring to their child. Parents will invest in Fast ForWord when they trust your family-centered approach and you as the expert to assist them in achieving their goals for their child.

Renee H Matlock, MA, CCC-SLP/L, The Private Practice Coach  

1:45 PM - 2:45 PM

Build English Fast with Your ELL Students

Second language learners are doing double the work of other students. They are not only learning the content, but also having to learn the English language itself. Did you know that Fast ForWord is the top ranked intervention for English language development on What Works Clearinghouse?  Join us to learn strategies for combining Fast ForWord and Reading Assistant (the Build English Fast™ solution) to help ELL students acquire English proficiency more quickly. In this session, you will:

  1. Learn which ELL students to focus on (i.e., what are the recommendations for using this with newcomers?)

  2. See how to effectively schedule the products together:  3 days Fast ForWord/2 days Reading Assistant vs. Fast ForWord following by Reading Assistant, etc.

  3. Learn how working with ELLs on the program differs from working with other students – and how best to support them with our offline lessons.

Christina Ballesteros, Customer Success Manager, Scientific Learning

K-12 Focus Group: Assessment & Reporting
Shape the direction of future Fast ForWord product improvements by sharing your thoughts about assessment and reporting. Fast ForWord K-12 educators are invited to join this moderated session.
Wendy Mathieu, Vice President of Product Management and Logan De Ley, Senior Product Manager, Scientific Learning

What's New in Neuroscience? Autism Research & Remediation
New research on the underlying neurology of autism is exploding. Join Dr. Martha Burns as she discusses the new research and shares information on using Fast ForWord with students with autism – detailing how those exercises have been shown to enhance language, attention, and social skills in children on the autism spectrum. 

Dr. Martha S. Burns, Adjunct Associate Professor, Northwestern University

and Director of Neuroscience Education, Scientific Learning